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Pressure Washing


In recent years block paving has become the number one choice for driveways.

As we all know, it looks impressive when first laid but within a short space of time nature takes its toll and weeds moss along with oil/diesel deposits diminish the appearance of your expensive investment.

Fortunately we have the answer!

Our truck mounted high pressure wash system works at 1700 psi as opposed to a domestic pressure system that works at around 110 psi.

This powerful machine will remove years of accumulated weeds, moss, dirt and grime.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals will remove the majority of oil and diesel marks and will refresh your block paving, restoring its original colour and warmth.

Once dry the area is re-sanded using kiln dried block paving sand.

Then we apply the sealant, and if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines this will last for approximately 5 years before any maintenance will be required by ourselves.


At Supreme All-Clean we have a range of professional cleaning service to help deep clean and restore a wide variety of patio surfaces.

  • Block Paving
  • Patios, Driveways & Paths
  • Concrete & Tarmac
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Tennis Courts & Stables
  • Swimming Pool Areas

Patios represent an investment in your home so maintaining them and keeping them clean protects your investment and so maintains your enjoyment.
Here is an example of the amazing results that we can achieve using our pressure washing system.