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We are here to help at this difficult time


At Supreme All Clean we understand that after losing a loved one the last thing that you want to think about is cleaning. We want to relieve you of the burden of cleaning after your loss. We are a professional, trustworthy, cleaning and house clearance company, and are experienced to tackle the most daunting of situations.

We can retrieve any personal items that you request from the premises and clean them if necessary.

Some situations may require hazardous waste to be disposed of, and you can be confident that this will be dealt with professionally and safely.


There are four good reasons why you may find that you need our services.

1. The lifestyle in which the person who has died may make it difficult for the family or the executor to deal with.  Whether they were a hoarder and it is a difficult task to clear their house, or if there are items associated with drug use, be assured we can deal with these situations.

2. The death may have occurred in the property and there are fabrics and furniture that may have been damaged by body fluids. Sometimes the whole room or house may need to be cleaned.  We have specialised equipment to carry out these tasks.

3. Sometimes people die at home, but a period of time passes before they are discovered. The funeral director will remove your loved one, we can be on hand to take care of your requirements.

4. We can clear and clean the property ready for you to rent or sell.


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